Cutting Machine Application

About The Customer…

Fecken-Kirfel are a family-based business who have existed for over 150 years (a pretty long time) And for over 100 years it has been perfecting solutions for efficient cutting on an industrial scale.

Almost all cutting machines from Fecken-Kirfel are based on the same principle: A continuously rotating bandknife is guided through the material to be cut and is usually also continuously ground. This is where our Linear guides come into play.

Precise cutting on a grand scale…

Lightweight Franke linear guides guide the bandknife evenly and precisely through the material.

“cutting this material is not easy” – Technical Manager

Linear guides from Franke are installed in many cutting machines from Fecken-Kirfel. They are mainly used when not only straight edges, but also precise contours have to be cut into the material.

For this purpose, the bandknife must be moved in two axes and also rotated in itself. Franke linear guides are used for linear travel.

“In this context, we appreciate Franke’s lightweight aluminium construction,” says Stefan Lennartz, head of mechanical construction at Fecken-Kirfel. Thanks to lower moving masses, greater dynamics are possible with the Franke aluminium guides.

“We use the Franke guides very frequently “ Stefan Lennartz, Head of the Mechanical Construction at Fecken-Kirfel

Instead of rotating balls, which are common in most linear guides, Franke uses rollers with bearings as rolling elements, which run on the typical Franke wire tracks. The advantages of this design for Fecken-Kirfel are high dynamics, high precision, and low weight. The sliding resistance is adjustable on Franke linear guides.

 Fecken-Kirfel has been using Franke linear systems for over 30 years. “We use the Franke guideways very frequently,” says Stefan Lennartz. In addition to the linear axes of the bandknifes, the device for loosening and tensioning the bandknife when changing the knife is another application.

Franke linear guides type FDA 25 – Used advantages: low weight, high dynamics, precision, long service life, freedom of maintenance.

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