3D Printed Bearings

3D Printed Bearings… Lightweight bearings from a printer? traditional bearings take metal & reduce the content to produce inner & outer rings. Franke 3D print bearings reverse this process & use an additive concept by using laser sintered aluminium particles to create the housings enabling super lightweight internal honeycomb housings to be produced.

Prototypes already produced are under test to compare performance with traditional designs. See news of latest developments.

4 Point Principle

Our Wire Race Bearings are based on a simple yet ingenious principle: Individual race rings made of wire are fitted with a raceway that is designed precisely to match the diameter of the rolling elements. Therefore, the rolling action does not take place directly between the rolling elements and mating structure, but rather with low-friction on the four open race rings. This engineering principle permits free design of the mating structure in terms of its geometry and material selection.

Wire Race Bearings are extraordinarily compact and fit snug in even the tiniest mounting spaces. They are available either as bearing elements (consisting of race rings, rolling element and cage), or as ready-to-use bearing assemblies together with the mating structure.


Maximum design freedom, without compromising precision or load capacity.


4 Point Contact

Freedom of Design

4 Point contact principle to take load from all directions. the rolling process does not take place directly between the rolling elements and the mating structure, but rather on special race rings, giving maximum freedom of design.


Minimal Mounting Space

Minimal Mounting Space

Requiring only a small mounting space, the compact and highly resilient four-point geometry of Franke Bearings gives you maximum freedom of design, making an ideal design component for your application.


Unlimited Material Choice

Unlimited Material Choice

Franke lightweight aluminum bearings are 65% lighter than steel, offering substantial design freedom. Available in a wide range of materials, from aluminium, bronze ceramic, plastic, carbon, 3D printed and many more.


Built To Your Application

Built To Your Application

Available in sizes from 60 – 2000+ mm. 95% of our products are bespoke versions. Franke rotary solutions are always designed and built to fit your application. We work with you from concept, to prototype through to final testing.

Bearing Types

Bearing Assemblies
Bespoke Lightweight Linear and Rotary Bearings
Rotary Tables
Bespoke Lightweight Linear and Rotary Bearings
Direct Drive
3D Printed
Bespoke Lightweight Linear and Rotary Bearings
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Innovation In Motion

Do you have an application or invention that is in need of a bespoke bearing? We have been supporting engineers and inventors for over 70 years, helping to turn concepts and designs into reality. Get in touch to challenge us!
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