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High integration capability, resilient, robust and resistant to the effects of weather and vibrations are the most outstanding characteristics of Franke special & Wire Race Bearing for safety technology.

Principle of Wire Race Bearings

In a wire race bearing, the rolling elements do not roll on solid housing rings, but on high performance wires. The flexibility of this principle makes it possible to design more freely and simply, in order to develop better products.

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Our products are used in a wide variety of applications across the world, recently branching out into safety and defence applications such as…

What about linear?

Our linear systems are also a great fit for the safety and defence technology sector as they hold lightweight, adaptable properties. The design principle of our Linear Systems makes them highly dynamic, quiet and maintenance-free.Wire raceways made of steel or non-corrosive steel, integrated into the aluminium body of a Franke guide rails ensure a high resilience and load capacity…

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