Creating space for your ideas…

“How?” you may be asking yourself. But thanks to the outstanding technology of the wire race bearing, it is possible to save space in many areas and realise new design ideas.

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There are many ways to create space:

Use roller bearings in miniature size!

With an mounting space of 5 x 6 mm and a KK-Ø: 40 – 150 mm, this bearing is not only small, compact and lightweight, but is also the most space saving of its kind compared to the market.

Keep the material to a minimum!

With embedded race wires, we often achieve an astonishing optimisation of the overall geometry of bearing assemblies. In this way, we achieve a thinner-walled mimic with sufficient load-bearing capacity, rigidity and resistance – additive manufacturing is also possible here.

Explore the numerous variation options

We can combine raceways and rolling elements in numerous variations. This allows us to achieve the necessary rigidity and load-bearing capacity of the bearing assembly at its core. This results in material independence in order to realise the optimum geometry for the respective application.

Make optimum use of the available installation space!

By replacing the existing roller bearing technology with Franke bearing elements, you will achieve an increase in the performance of your bearing in most cases. The existing housing and the ability to integrate the bearing assembly remain unaffected.

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