7 Useful tips when working with bearings...

7 Useful tips when working with bearings...

It’s true what they say, not one size fits all. Especially when it comes down to bearings, which is why it’s crucial to get the right measurements…

Hey Franke Fans, we hope April was another great month for you all and that may is bringing in plenty of business. This month we are bringing to you our blog post, 7 useful tips when working with bearings… it’s a good one. Enjoy!

7 Useful tips when working with bearings…



1) Choose the right type of bearing for the application.

2) Ensure that the bearing is installed correctly and securely.

3) Use the proper lubrication to minimize friction and wear.

4) Regularly inspect and maintain bearings to prevent failure.

5) Avoid overloading or misaligning the bearing.

6) Follow manufacturer’s recommended procedures for installation, maintenance, and replacement.

7) Store bearings properly to prevent contamination or damage.

If your interested in purchasing a bearing or already have one then you can speak to a member of our team and our technical sales can advise you with any concerns you might be having…

1. Choice

The Choice

It’s true what they say, not one size fits all. Especially when it comes down to bearings, which is why it’s crucial to get the right measurements, preload and material for your application’s exact needs.

2. Install


Most business won’t offer installations and they won’t even send you with an instruction guide!  If you go to a more specialist bearing supplier (like ourselves) they also offer an installation service.

3. Lube

Which Lubrication

When you purchase your bearing make sure to ask the supplier what lubrication they would recommend and how often it needs to be lubricated. this is a vital step in caring for your bearing.

4. Inspect

Time to inspect

It sounds pretty simple right? Wouldn’t you do this anyway? You would be so suspired at just how many people only check their bearings when they notice a problem. Regular inspections are vital and shouldn’t be missed!

5. Avoid

What to avoid

This one is pretty obvious. When your purchasing or designing your bearing make sure you know how much load your bearing will be taking and make this clear to the people on the other end or this could cost you a loss of money.

6. Advice

Follow the advice!

Nobody knows the bearing like the manufacturer does. Listen to every little bit of advice your given and take it on board. We don’t tell you for the fun of it!

7. Store

It's all in the storage

This is pretty self-explanatory. Although if you are unsure on how to correctly store your bearings ask the manufacturer!

Time to put these steps into action…

It’s time to replace your old bearing and start fresh following these essential 7 steps!

This information has come from our bearing experts, there always available for a chat & to deal with any questions you might have.

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