LVG Rollers Specification

LVG Rollers

Product type

  • Bearing assembly in aluminium design with rollers
  • LVG is a 2-row angular roller bearing with aluminum housing and two integrated bearing elements. Franke bearing assemblies type LVG are suitable for highest load capacities.They convince by high rigidity, low rotational resistance and low weight.


  • Ready to install
  • Preloaded free from clearance
  • Franke bearing assemblies type LVG are ready-to-use, complete bearings with integrated Wire Race Bearings. Designed as roller bearings, they absorb equal load from all sides and are insensitive to impact and vibration. The bearing assemblies are sealed from both sides and adjusted free from clearance. Due to the housing parts made of aluminum the weight is reduced by 60% compared to steel bearings.

Diameter Range

  • From 100 – 1800 mm

Technical Details

Material Inner / Outer ring: ENAW7022, ball race rings: 67SiCr5, rolling elements: 100Cr6, cage: POM, seal: NBR
Temperature in use –20 °C to +80 °C, briefly up to +100 °C
Circumferential speed max. 4 m/s
Screw connection See Technical information
Lubricant grease Shell Gadus S3 V220C2
Relubrication Using grease nipples according to DIN 3405
Lubrication schedule See Technical information

Please find additional information on bearing selection, calculation, mounting and setting in ‘Technical information’.


LVG Drawing


LVG Dimensions


LVG Loadings

Rotational resistance

The rotational resistance indicates the preload on the bearing assembly. It is dependent on the respective type and the race ring diameter. The values indicated in the diagram are standard values and can be aligned individually.

LVG Graph

Radial and axial runout accuracy

The running accuracies indicated in the diagram are maximum values.

LVG Graph 2

Standard Cages

Strip cages for the LBK series

The band cage is segmented in the length required respectively and delivered fitted with balls and ready-to-use. The number of segments is dependent on the bearing diameter and the ball size. The band cage can also be created in one part for special applications.

Standard Cages

Special Cages

Flat cages made of hard fabric, non-corrosive steel, brass.

It is mandatory to use a flat cage for temperatures exceeding 100 °C and with ball diameters larger than 20 mm. Special solutions, including complete non-corrosive properties or radiation resistance, are also possible.

Special cages in the form of band or prong-type cages are available for special requirements in terms of ambient conditions or mounting space.

Franke also delivers materials such as plastic, non-corrosive, brass and Teflon.

Special Cages


Larger bearings and bearing elements use washers to simplify adjustment between the separate inner and outer rings. The washers are made of non-corrosive sheet steel. It is sensible to include in the design specifications a theoretical initial gap of 0.5 mm for the adjustment.




By standard, the bearing assemblies are fitted with sleeve seals S120. Temperature: –30 °C to +80 °C (NBR).
Max. circumferential speed: 5 m/s.

The seals can be ordered by the meter in order to seal the construction (e.g. when using a bearing element). The joint is then bonded using adhesive agent Loctite 401®.



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Maximum design freedom, without compromising precision or load capacity.


4 Point Contact

Freedom of Design

4 Point contact principle to take load from all directions. the rolling process does not take place directly between the rolling elements and the mating structure, but rather on special race rings, giving maximum freedom of design.


Minimal Mounting Space

Minimal Mounting Space

Requiring only a small mounting space, the compact and highly resilient four-point geometry of Franke Bearings gives you maximum freedom of design, making an ideal design component for your application.


Unlimited Material Choice

Unlimited Material Choice

Franke lightweight aluminum bearings are 65% lighter than steel, offering substantial design freedom. Available in a wide range of materials, from aluminium, bronze ceramic, plastic, carbon, 3D printed and many more.


Built To Your Application

Built To Your Application

Available in sizes from 60 – 2000+ mm. 95% of our products are bespoke versions. Franke rotary solutions are always designed and built to fit your application. We work with you from concept, to prototype through to final testing.

Innovation In Motion

Do you have an application or invention that is in need of a bespoke bearing? We have been supporting engineers and inventors for over 70 years, helping to turn concepts and designs into reality. Get in touch to challenge us!
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