FTB Spindle Drive Specification

Product type

  • Linear Module


  • Linear table for precise positioning
  • Integrated Aluminium roller guide
  • Spindle drive
  • Metal cover

Stroke lengths

  • Infinitely variable from 100 to 1500 mm

FTB06A/FTB06B Drawing

FTB06A:FTB06B Drawing

FTB06A Dimensions & Performance Review

FTB 06A Spindle Spec

FTB 06A Spindle Performance Review

FTB06B Dimensions & Performance Review

FTB06B Spindle Spec

FTB06B Spindle Performance Review

Clamping with star grip

Cassette with star grip to attach to any position on the rail guide. The clamping does not exert force on the rail system. It is used for appliances that can be operated manually, clamping and holding stops, provision of tools and processing components.

Clamping with clamp lever

Cassette with clamp lever to attach to any position on the rail guide. The clamping does not exert force on the rail system. It is used for appliances that can be operated manually, clamping and holding stops, provision of tools and processing components.

Screw connection from below

Cassettes, modified for screwing from below. In this variant, the existing mounting holes are partially reworked so that a screw connection from below is possible. Please note possible deviating positions and bolting sizes.

Metal Wiper

The metal wipers are placed in the wiper plate along with the felt wipers and clipped on there. They are used to remove coarse dirt such as metal shavings, welding spatter and wood dust.


The bellows for aluminium roller guides protect the rail system against coarse dirt. They are available in any lengths. The applied Velcro patches are used for attaching to the cassette and end plate. The cassette wipers are no longer needed. Material: synthetic fabric with one-sided polyurethane coating; temperature: contact heat +80 °C, radiant heat +120 °C.

Stop Screws

The stop screws are screwed into the thread (option) on the guide rails. A fitted rubber cap dampens impact. We deliver the drilling template displaced by one half bore gap for rail lengths with initial drilling dimensions below L11 min. Material: Chlorbutadiene rubber (Cr), black.


In order to ensure that the wipers function ideally, the bores on the guide rails should be sealed using plastic caps enlosed with the delivery. You can order replacements individually. Material: POM wear-proof plastic, resistant to oil and ageing.

Fastener for linear modules type FTC/FTD


T-Assembly Rail



Lid Fastener



Intermediate Drive Shaft

Limit Switch

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Bespoke Lightweight Linear and Rotary Bearings


4 Point Contact

Freedom of Design

4 Point contact principle to take load from all directions. The compact and highly resilient four-point geometry of Franke bearings gives you maximum freedom of design.


Minimal Mounting Space

Minimal Mounting Space

Needing only a small mounting space, but with a high stiffness, these small but strong bearings make an ideal design component. Light in weight, compact but offering high speeds and high torque loadings.


Unlimited Materials

Unlimited Materials

Available in a wide range of materials, allowing weight savings of up to 80%. The choice of material, geometry, size, drilling pattern or gear is unlimited.


Bespoke Choice

Bespoke Choice

95% of our products are bespoke versions, designed and built to fit a customers application. Available in sizes from 60 – 2000+ mm, in a wide range of combinations.

Linear Applications

Water Jet Cutter
Water Jet Cutter
Cutting with water jets calls for exact and rapid movements of the cutting head above the work piece, to create even and smooth edges to travel along even more complex geometries.

Franke Linear Motor module FTH Drive with integrated direct drive.

Lightweight aluminium design for low weight and dynamic movement. The linear motor is integrated in the rail profile. This makes the module extremely flat and ensures it requires very little mounting space. The aluminium body and the non-corrosive running bars make the system insensitive to moisture.

Dental X-Ray Device
Dental X-Ray Device
Linear Guide used in secondary panel of the dental X-Ray device. Purpose of the panel is to enable exact X-Ray imaging. Primary requirement that the unit travels without any oscillation and the guide must run easily and smoothly.

FDL12 integrated directly into the customised carriage mount. A lateral grub screw used to set the slide resistance and the stiffness of the system. This guarantees movement without any oscillation.

The guide runs evenly, quietly and cleanly. The elevated preload ().6 to ).8N) ensures that the secondary panel travels free from oscillation. The guide comes with lifetime lubrication. The sealed, single-row ball bearing means that no lubricant can leak to the outside.

Food Packaging
Food Packaging
Due to working at high speeds the linear guides needed must be resistant to aggressive materials (e.g salt, sugar, spray water). The machine had stoke lengths of 1500mm to 2100mm with an average annual mileage of 30,000km per year.

The aluminium roller guides in series FDA20

The aluminium roller guides FDA enables speeds of up to 10m/s. The stroke lengths are infinitely variable. Central lubrication on the cassette achieves high service life and substantial mileage. Grease nipples fitted to the front, allow for convenient lubricant replenishment while the guides are fitted.

Mattress Production
Mattress Production
Bonding points to bond the mattresses are positioned in the centre of the gantry. The guides are used to travel to the gantry along the x and y axes. The assembly surfaces of the guides are not processed in order to save costs.

The aluminium roller guide FDA25 in a length of 2000mm.

The guide unit, motorised by a toothed belt, travels at a speed of 50m/min. The guide is fitted directly to the unprocessed aluminium substructure. This involves mounting aluminium on aluminium, which means there is no bi-metal edict in the event of temperature fluctuations. This cost efficient solution makes the system competitive.

Camera Slider
Camera Slider
Quiet Operation, homogeneous movement and low weight.

Franke Linear Systems in a variety of lengths with accessories.

Lightweight aluminium design for low carrying weight, large-scale rollers for smooth and quiet running and a broad range of accessories to adapt in a variety of shooting situations

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